Photographer…Content Creator…Visual Storyteller

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“I strive to create meaningful work that fosters connection”

I love to tell stories through my images.  From a  young age you’d find me, earphones on, listening to audio books on my personal stereo.  As I did, I could see them so clearly, in my mind’s eye.  Always in vivid technicolor and larger than life.  I was a big day dreamer…. It wasn’t easy being the only creative in my family and it took me a while to fill those shoes fully.  When I did it unlocked a rich seam of creativity that, to this day is a constant source of passion, motivation and happiness.  I like nothing better than working with creatives that are as passionate about their craft as I am about mine.  I strive to create meaningful work that fosters an emotional connection and that represents the lens I see the world through.