Love light painting??

Yes, I love it… always have, always will.. It’s one of those photographic techniques that most photo students abandon.  Probably because it’s so simple a kid can do it.  Well… that’s one of the reasons  I love it so  much.  I discovered it at college.  I think I saw a few transparencies another student had been experimenting with and was completely hooked after that.  It just seemed other worldly to me.  I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination, so it suited me down to the ground.

On the left you can see a quick video showing a bit of behind the scenes prep we to did to create our look.

I mostly used LED torches as my light source to give the scene a sense of fantasy.

Photographer: Julia Mills
MUA: Claire Pompili
Model: Claire Huskisson
Stylist: Naomi Ellis / Anthology Boutique