Our Peppermint Cream Dream…….

Thought I’d tell you about my latest photoshoot.  It’s come together very easily.  It’s funny how inspiration strikes and this time it was sparked when I was working on a job for “Space Qube” (a Hampshire based company that specialises in pop up shop solutions)  They’d asked me to take a few shots of their pop shop in Whiteley Shopping Village for Hampshire Fair.  As I worked my way around I spotted a cupcake stand.  I was particularly struck by the various names of the cupcake flavours e.g.rocky road, apple pie, peppermint cream etc.  I could see these cupcakes as people, characters if you like.  With me… it’s always a feeling first, the “tingle”.  I feel that and I’ve got to follow it.  It doesn’t let me go.  That’s when I know I’m onto something.

After a few chats with our brilliant hairstylist, Lesley, to flesh out the idea a bit. I began by creating an initial concept board.  This gives me a starting point.  It gets the ideas out of my head and onto paper, enabling me to explain it to others.  I collect anything that jumps out at me, anything that gives me that tingle.  I then look for co- conspirators!

Here’s a quick sneaky peek behind the scenes at Hampshire Wardrobe with Charlotte (one of our stylists), putting together one of our looks from the photoshoot.

So who’s in the team?
We’ve got Lesley Haggarty on hair.  Lesley is an established member of the team and I’m always inspired by her creativity.  She’s not afraid to think out of the box and will give anything a go, she’s fearless.  We’ve got Miss Eve on makeup.  Her work is always precise and beautifully executed.  She’s unflappable, which comes in very handy.  Our model Kirsten is a real joy to work with, the perfect choice for our “peppermint cream” themed shoot.  We needed a model that can create a character for us and she did just that with ease.  She’s very experienced and is always willing to work with us to bring our ideas to life.  And then there’s Charlotte.  One of the most creative people I know.  It’s in her bones… she just can’t help herself.  Give her half an idea and she’s off.  An amazing person to bounce and develop ideas off and with.  They’re a fab team to work with.  I think we encourage each other, that’s when we create our best work.

This time we’ve been lucky enough to work with Emily and her talented team at “Hampshire Wardrobe” an amazing fashion resource. Whether you’re looking to hire vintage fancy dress or authentic period pieces.  We’ve drawn on Emily’s extensive period fashion experience and dovetailed it with contemporary fashion trend consultancy from Fashion Stylist/Blogger, Lupe Castro (mscastrorides.com).  Together we’ve created looks that nod to fashion trends for Spring Summer 2016 mixed with vintage/ period pieces that ground our “peppermint cream theme.

Photographer: Julia Mills
MUA: Eve Foskett
Hair: Lesley Haggarty
Model: Kirsten Ria Squibb
Stylist: Charlotte Eastlake, Emily Barratt at Hampshire Wardrobe