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T is for Tatoos….

T is for Tatoos.... Lately I've been lucky enough to work with a very talented male hair stylist, Helena Hatton (www.arenamalehairstudio).  We met through a mutual friend who felt that we could work really well together.  She was so right.... It's great to work with someone who's on the same wavelength.  We sort of [...]

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Peppermint Cream Photoshoot

Our Peppermint Cream Dream....... Thought I’d tell you about my latest photoshoot.  It’s come together very easily.  It’s funny how inspiration strikes and this time it was sparked when I was working on a job for “Space Qube” (a Hampshire based company that specialises in pop up shop solutions)  They’d asked me to take [...]

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Vintage Bridal Photoshoot

Beautiful Bridal.... Beautiful Bridal with a twist... Here are our make up artists, Julie West & Lisa Griffiths creating our looks. Just a few last minute lighting checks before I get started.  Such a fab venue too (The Green Man in Winchester) A great opportunity for me to mix studio [...]

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Painting with Light

Love light painting?? Yes, I love it... always have, always will.. It's one of those photographic techniques that most photo students abandon.  Probably because it's so simple a kid can do it.  Well... that's one of the reasons  I love it so  much.  I discovered it at college.  I think I saw [...]

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